Product & Services
Product & Services
Prime Bank Investment Limited gives customers greater satisfaction through its expertise in security investment and differentiated products and services.
Corporate Advisory Service
We maintain relationship with potential corporate entrepreneurs, inspiring them to raise capital from the market and also provide professional advisory services
Managing Issues
We provide widespread management services to go public
We undertake the risk of under subscription of the shares offered in the market by the companies
Portfolio Management Service
We have experienced portfolio managers to provide portfolio management services at our own Discretion
Non Discretionary
Customers have the liberty to manage their own investment portfolios at their discretion, enjoying smooth and complied management services from us
Custodial Services
We provide safekeeping of securities of our customers’ assets as a Custody Depository Participant of CDBL.
Brokerage Services
We ensure facilities of full length brokerage service to the customers through our carefully selected panel brokers
Margin Financing
We provide margin loan to our customers